Rochelle Mason Fine Art Arts for the Animals

#3 Original oil painting on canvas 36x48"


#3 by Rochelle Mason

Artwork from Mason's Focus on Nature: Beyond Eden series

Original oil painting on canvas


#3 is an original oil painting on canvas by Rochelle Mason and is based on the Mangshan pitviper, an endangered species from China. The painting dimensions are 36 inches (91 cm) high by 48 inches (122 cm) long on 3/4" stretcher bars. The painting is protected with 3 coats of satin UV-protection, archival varnish. Your unframed, original painting will be shipped flat via FedEx when payment clears. Please contact the artist with any questions.

About this painting:

After discovering this beautiful green and tan pitviper, I spent several hours struggling to decipher his design. It's the most complex pattern I've come across in my research of animals to paint. "What is the positive and negative space of this design?", I asked myself. Sketches most certainly helped solve the puzzle. Once deciphered, I felt liberated to come up with an interesting composition. As with most of my snake abstracts, I wanted the composition to "flow" and was quite pleased with the sketch I came up with one quiet afternoon. Like magic, it simply "appeared" on the paper. With several seasons of "Sex and the City" DVDs playing while I worked, many provocative symbols started appearing in the painting, some obvious, some cryptic. Along with these came cats, chickens, dolphins and hearts. This is my most elaborate painting to date.