Rochelle Mason Fine Art Arts for the Animals
  • Jungle cat Original oil painting on canvas 18 x 24"


    Jungle cat by Rochelle Mason

    Artwork from Mason's Focus on Nature: Wildcats of the World international exhibition

    Original oil painting on canvas


    JUNGLE CAT is an original oil painting on canvas by Rochelle Mason. The painting dimensions are 18 inches (46 cm) high by 24 inches (61 cm) wide on 3/4" stretcher bars. The painting is protected with 3 coats of satin UV-protection, archival varnish and has been hung in the artist's private collection. Your unframed, original painting will be shipped flat via FedEx when payment clears. Please contact the artist with any questions.

    About this Wildcat:

    The cat most likely depicted in ancient Egyptian art, the JUNGLE CAT (Felis chaus) inhabits reed beds, moist grasslands, swamps and agricultural croplands. Ranging from Egypt through to Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka, this adaptable wildcat has an appetite for rodents, small mammals, birds and amphibians.

    Weight 7 - 15 lbs (3 - 7 kg)