Rochelle Mason

has been painting animals professionally since 1980 and in 1990 began focusing her career on endangered species. She is especially passionate about representing unpopular animals and those that get little public attention.

"My Mom taught me the most valuable lesson about animals when I was young: respect them and learn from them", says Rochelle. "At the time, I was dealing  with a spider."

Knowing most people don't like animals such as snakes and spiders and bats and bugs, it became Mason's personal mission to help people transcend "speciesism" and to change their perceptions about these misunderstood creatures. Numerous traveling art exhibitions featured primarily in natural history museums and her nationally-published column, "Focus on NatureTM: Insight into the Lives of Animals", help Rochelle accomplish this mission.

Mason's new series of abstract paintings reveals alluring attributes of these unpopular animals, so ambiguous viewers get immersed in currents of color, eddies of paint and intriguing, whimsical shapes that beg a closer look, inviting curiosity and fascination.

A science degree in Veterinary Technology, neatly tucked in her back pocket, has been advantageous in understanding the anatomy of who and what she's painting, from arthropod skeletal structure to wing venation. Rochelle also weaves her interests in cosmology and quantum mechanics into her work by defining loose, spontaneous brush strokes, adding minute details and offering close-up perspectives.


Rochelle Mason, Painter

Born in Chicago, Illinois: 1958
Currently lives and works in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Focus on NatureTM: Beyond Eden (solo exhibition, 13 original oil paintings)

Focus on NatureTM: Wildcats of the World (2 artists, 36 framed prints)
2013 Midwest Museum of Natural History; Sycamore, Illinois
2012 Discovery Museum, World Forestry Center; Portland, Oregon
2010 Earl Bane Gallery, Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure; Salina, Kansas
2008 Bern Natural History Museum; Bern, Switzerland
2007 Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History; Pacific Grove, California
         Oxford University Museum of Natural History; Oxford, England
         Feline Conservation Federation; Dallas, Texas

Untitled (solo exhibition)
1999 Animal Art Gallery; Menlo Park, California  

Hawaii’s Endangered Species (solo exhibition, 15 original pastel paintings)
1995 Volcano Art Center Gallery; Volcano, Hawaii
         Lyman Museum; Hilo, Hawaii
         Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens; Honolulu, Hawaii
1994 Bishop Museum; Honolulu, Hawaii

California’s Endangered Species (solo exhibition, 20 original pastel paintings)
1994 Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History; Pacific Grove, California
         San Diego Natural History Museum; San Diego, California
1993 Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge; Newark, California
         Yosemite Museum; Yosemite National Park, California

Northern California/Bay Area Endangered Species (solo exhibition, 15 original pastel paintings)
1993 Coastal Gallery; Half Moon Bay, California
1992 San Francisco International Airport; San Francisco, California
         Big Basin Redwoods State Park; Boulder Creek, California and
         Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park; Felton, California
         Coyote Point Museum; San Mateo, California
         Lindsay Wildlife Museum; Walnut Creek, California
         Point Reyes National Seashore; Point Reyes, California
1991 State Capitol Building; Sacramento, California

Focus on NatureTM: Insight into the Lives of Animals (illustrated columns)
Wildlife Art Magazine
Hawaii Island Journal
Coast Views Magazine
Half Moon Bay Review
Endangered Species UPDATE (University of Michigan)
ESA Today (Endangered Species Coalition)
Endangered Species Bulletin (US Fish & Wildlife Service)
Feline Conservation Federation Magazine
Turtle Talk (Sea Turtle Preservation Society)
Endangered Species and Wetlands Report
Outdoor America Magazine (Isaak Walton League of America)
Mockingbird Chronicles (South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center)
Big Island Drive Guide
News of the Lepidopterist's Society
Volcano Community News

Arts for the AnimalsTM
Arts for the AnimalsTM, created by Rochelle Mason, is a contest and exhibit of endangered species artwork created by school children to help increase their understanding of these species through active involvement.

Private Collections

Wildlife Conservation Research Unit; Abingdon, England
Dr. Toshihiko Tsutsui; Tokyo, Japan
Mrs. Kennon Hudson; Monte Sereno, California
Ms. Patricia Adkins, Pleasanton; California
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rogers; Atherton, California
Mrs. Dee Black; Tryon, North Carolina
Mrs. Linda Chlubna; Half Moon Bay, California
Mrs. Diane Terry; Roseville, California

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Grants and Awards

1995 Artist-in-Residence Grant; Volcano Art Center, Volcano, Hawaii
1993 Grant to Individual Artists;  Peninsula Community Foundation, San Mateo, California
Lectures and Public Speaking

2007 Lecture, Feline Conservation Federation; Dallas, Texas
1995 Interview, KWXX Radio; Hilo, Hawaii
1995 Interview, ABC Radio Australia; Victoria, Australia
1995 Lecture, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
1991 Lecture, State Capitol Building; Sacramento, California


1978 Associates of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana